10 Moving Day Tips Most People Don’t Think Of

 So, you’re moving. You’ve bought a whole host of cardboard boxes, you’ve got packaging tape and scissors, you’ve booked the moving van and everyone has triple checked their rooms for last minute missing belongings. You might feel pretty confident you’ve got everything covered, but if you want to be like super-mum, here are ten more tips that will making moving day smooth and trouble free, guaranteed.


  • Create a chart and designate each family member with a room they are responsible for. They must check that room to ensure all items are packed up and accounted for. They also need to label all the appropriate boxes. Older kids may appreciate the responsibility.
  • Purchase some craft paper or collect some news papers in the weeks leading up to your move, you can then lay these down on carpets and near doorways so carpets aren’t ruined by muddy removal men’s boots!
  • Give you kitchen a good clean over before moving out – the next family will really appreciate it. Enzy Clean has a great range of heavy-duty cleaners that will bring your floors and bathrooms up to a sparkling shine. Keep these products on hand for the next house, as you never know the state the previous owners have left your new home in. When a home is furniture free, that’s the best opportunity to give it a thorough clean!
  • Ensure you have enough bubble wrap or paper to wrap everything delicate up with – items might seem stable in their boxes now, but all it takes is a bump in the road and your precious china will be smashed.
  • Pallet Trucks are normally for warehouse use, but a small pallet truck from Bluetruck will be ideal for quickly and efficiently getting boxes from truck to home and vice versa. It should store easily in your garage for future use too.
  • Don’t forget you’ll need some snacks – moving is a long process and kids will get very hungry, so have a packed lunch available.
  • Likewise, ensure you have a plan for dinner that requires little effort. Either a ready made casserole that can be popped in the over and served on paper plates, or even noodles that can be cooked simple from kettle-boiled water.
  • Kids can get bored if your moving journey involves a long trip, so pack little activity backpacks for them – include crayons, colouring books, puzzles and games, as well as a small pillow and blanket for when they want to nap.
  • You’ll save a lot of time by planning your route in advance if you are moving far away. Be aware of roads inaccessible to large moving vans, and be aware of local traffic hotspots. The quicker you get to your new home, the quicker you can unpack.
  • Finally, remember not to stress – it can be difficult, but pack a bag with pyjamas, bubble bath, toiletries and other essentials ready for your first night in your new home, and then you won’t have to rush to unpack until the next day.


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