5 Household Essentials That Are Better When Bought in Bulk

We’ve become a nation of thrifty people – after the experience of the recession we’re no longer happy to just put up with paying inflated prices that are pushed up by supermarkets. Now, we’re always on the look out for a good deal, whether we do so by buying with coupons, by shopping online, or by shopping around for the best deals. There is another way to save money; by buying in bulk. People often don’t consider it because it involves making a large and sometimes expensive purchase in one go, but that does mean you won’t need to spend again for another few months.


Here are 10 things the average household can benefit from buying in bulk that will result in big savings over the years.

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Toilet Rolls


The average home goes through many loo rolls in just the space of a month, and sometimes it can be expensive, especially if you are fond of the premium brands. Why not consider buying a 40-pack of toilet rolls from LooRolls.com instead?


Kitchen Roll


Think about how often you use kitchen roll; it’s a napkin, it’s good for cleaning, it’s used when you’re cooking and when there’s a spillage too, so quite often overall! That’s why buying kitchen roll in bulk can actually save you money.


Laundry Supplies


Anyone alive knows how quickly laundry piles up, and they also know how expensive detergent and fabric softener can be. At least you save plenty by buying in bulk.




How many cups of tea do you drink in a day? 3? 5? More? It’s entirely possible if you’re a Brit, as we are seasoned tea drinkers. Buy buying tea in bulk you can save plenty of money, and not feel so guilty if you want to share a few cups with friends.


Baby Toiletries


Babies go through a lot of toiletries, far more than us! Baby wipes, nappies, baby oil and talc; why buy it all at the supermarket when it could cost a fortune, when you can buy it in bulk instead?

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