Celebrate Spring Break on a Budget

When you are doing your vest to provide your students with a wonderfully educational, yet entertaining and engaging school year, sometimes you need to start thinking out of the box. Whether you are contemplating assignments over spring break or just want to give your students a great surprise for them to have a good spring break, you can actually give your students a fantastic gift without breaking your budget. Many educators may not have the opportunity to take their classes on the kind of field trips they wish to these days, but if you can find just a little bit of spare funds in your budget, you can take your kids on fantastic alternative experiences in your city.


Thanks to CityPass’ new partnership with Groupon Coupons, you can get discounts at all kinds of educational attractions in most cities across the country. For example, right now you can score on 46% off of Seattle’s Space Needle, and at other attractions. You can also save 43% at Atlanta’s top five attractions. If you live in the Big Apple, take your students out to the historically and culturally significant Statue of Liberty for 41% off. Your science class will love a trip to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium for 53% off, all thanks to CityPass and Groupon Coupons.


Giving your students an engaging education hinges on making their lessons relevant to what they are interested in. you have to make learning active, rather than a passive process in the classroom. If you really want to help your students continue to learn beyond the classroom as they get older, then you should help them connect with their subject matters with real life examples.


By taking your classroom out into the city they live in, you can show them ways that they can experience and learn more about these subjects in person. It also could give them some excellent examples of potential career paths that utilize the knowledge you are teaching in the classroom – that way, if you ever have a student wonder when they will ever use this information again in the future, you’ve got an easy answer.

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