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interiror style picks

Products featured: Mitsu Lambswool Throw, Gymnasium Club Sofa, Clee Rectangular Cushion, Berlingot Rectangular Grey Velvet Cushion, Clee Square Cushion, Berlingot Square Grey Velvet Cushion & Clee Baguette Cushion (from left to right)

Far more than a retail experience, connoisseurs of exclusive, high-quality interior design shopping will be delighted and intrigued by the recently re-launched and remodelled The dazzling selection of soft furnishings, furniture and accessories on offer is simply one facet of this site’s wealth of insider style information, tips and comment from globally acclaimed gurus of all that is chic, contemporary and utterly irresistible. As Luxurious Magazine commented “ is a new online retail concept for high net worth individuals who are looking to purchase luxury furniture”. If you crave fine furniture or fantasise about luxury cushions of unprecedented beauty, then this site will give you all you desire and much more.

With chillier days on the way and less daylight as the weeks go by, now is the time to snuggle up with a decadently cosy throw on a luxurious sofa and revel in the magic which premium soft furnishings and well-made furniture can bring to your living space. Natural fabrics and materials are the way to go when comfort matters, as nothing compares with the indulgent feel of real leather, soft wool or silk. Rich lengths of opulently patterned textile accent neutrally hued sofas or chairs beautifully, giving you plenty of exciting style options.

Cushions are an interior design deal-breaker, often transforming space from average to awesome. With so many different sizes, shapes, colours and textures to choose from, they are a wonderful way of showcasing your impeccable taste. One of the most intriguing facets of cushion selection is using texture to create movement or atmosphere as an alternative to colour. Sumptuous velvet, whisper soft silk or warm wool all bring their own unique appeal to cushions, enabling you to create a space which appeals to all the senses. A single cushion or throw can often showcase a sofa perfectly, particularly when strong geometric patterns or opulent colours are incorporated.

Remember that if you can’t see a cushion or throw which exactly meets your requirements, or have any other specialist design requirements then the concierge service at can help. Skilled and experienced personnel have access to hundreds of high-quality craftspeople and designers who can create a bespoke item to your own specifications.

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