Living Room Furniture Ideas to Achieve a Classic Yet Trendy Look

The living room is one of the most important rooms in a house—and for good reason. This is the place where the family converges after a long day or work week to kick back, relax and catch up. Usually located on the main level of the home, the living room is typically where guests are entertained, which means that it is an essential space for all who enter your home. Naturally, the living room is where design and functionality should be considered.


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Here’s how to achieve a classic yet trendy look


1. Consider the size

The type of furniture and arrangement you need depends on the size of the room. If you have a small living room, do not clutter it with too many furniture pieces. Opt for petite sized furniture over large chunky ones that take up space. A larger room, of course, gives you more area and options, but be careful in mixing and matching them in order to come up with a harmonious arrangement.


2. Decide on your focal point

A small living room does well with one focal point, while a larger living room can have one or two points of focus. This can be a fireplace, a large sofa, or a wall panel. It can even be that vintage glass table that you found at an antique shop the previous month. If you have a large old-fashioned fireplace with an intricately designed grill on one side of your living room, spruce it up with your furniture.


Once you’ve decided on the focal point, work your arrangement around it and choose furniture pieces or accessories that can complement it and produce a fresh and appealing look.


3. Color me trendy

From the walls to the rug, be sure to coordinate your colors to avoid any clashes that may disrupt the continuity of the room’s design. Monochromatic colors are a classic choice, but shouldn’t hinder you from introducing other colors into the mix. In fact, a contrasting color works well to provide accent to the room. This can be accomplished with the use of trinkets and accessories that are meant to fill in those little spaces and complete the whole room design. For example, would be add brightly colored pillows to your sofa in an almost all-beige or brown colored living room.


4. Design

If you’ve opted for modern furniture pieces, then you can mix it up by choosing designs that can bring out the classy vibe you’re aiming for. Fabric with clean lines, or polka dot prints are a timeless classic, and can be used for slip covers and pillowcases to add that vintage charm that never goes out of style.


5. Lighting

Good lighting is essential in every room. This can be obtained by adding lighting fixtures which can also serve as focal pieces as well. A tall antique lamp can brighten up a dark corner while a classic chandelier adds elegance to your room’s design and can uplift the tone of your living room.


Simply put, the living room is both a living space and a room that you can show off to your guests and friends. However you decide to decorate it, keep in mind that there should be harmony in both functionality and style to create that classic yet trendy look for your living room.


About the author: Angie Cole is a fan of everything vintage and admires true old-world craftsmanship. She writes for Antiques on Old Plank Road, a furniture shop that imports and restores European quality antique and vintage pieces.

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