Most Practical Lock Solutions for Homes

Locks come in various types, designs and sizes. They appear in different designs and styles to address different purposes and situations. Different door types need different types of locks. If you are looking for information about the most practical lock solutions for homes, go over the following recommendations: 

Lock Solutions for HomesLocksmith for Gates

If you ask locksmith Montreal specialists, you will know that gates need to be secured by highly durable locks that should not easily succumb to damages caused by their constant exposure to the elements. There are different options available but most gates can be adequately secured by rim gate locks and metal gate locks. Gates are typically not targets of lock picking as it is more efficient to climb over them (to get inside the premises) than to defeat their locks.

Locksmith for Doors

Depending on your door type, you have different great lock options. If you have a solid wooden door, the basic recommended locks to use are a doorknob with a lock, a deadbolt, and a door limiter. These three provide a great level of security. The door knob makes it convenient to keep the door closed without having to lock it during the mornings or when people are still awake. The deadbolt provides reinforcement locking. The door limiter or door chain allows people inside the house to open the door and answer visitors without completely losing precautions.

There are door knobs that already come with their own deadbolt lock components or sash locks so it may no longer be necessary to obtain a separate deadbolt lock. Those who are using French doors or doors with windows, however, are advised to get a mortise deadbolt lock instead of the typical deadbolt that comes with an opening lever or rotating knob. You may need to change locks for your French doors.

Locks for Cabinets

Cabinet locks can be simple locks, including combination locks. Unless you are keeping very important documents in them, traditional mortise locks will be enough. You don’t need high security locks for them, especially for wooden cabinets that can be easier to destroy than to get the lock forcibly opened.

Safes and Vaults Service 

If you need to install new locks for your safes and vaults, a security specialist like a 24 hour locksmith Montreal can provide reliable enough solutions. You just have to test everything to make sure that the locks are properly done. If you have a vault that uses a combination, check if it can be unlocked by using other combinations or if it produces some sounds that can serve as hints on what the key combination is.

Professional locksmith service is useful although you don’t really have to completely rely on it for your security needs. You just have to make sure that you choose the right lock with the right quality. Ask for advice from your local residential locksmith on your best options if you don’t feel confident with your decisions.

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