Put Your Tax Savings Away for a Rainy Day

If there was ever a time to make changes in your lifestyle, 2018 is that year.  New tax laws promise to leave a lot more money in our wallets at the end of the month, so hopefully this will be the year you add more to your nest egg than ever before.   Just what is a nest egg anyway?  The term has been used since the 14th century and refers to the ancient practice of putting an egg in a hen’s nest in hopes she’ll lay more eggs there.  In other words, it’s a starter egg, an inducement to prompt the hen to add to what’s in the nest.  It lets her know here is a safe place to leave her most precious deposit, and with any luck, she’ll hop right on the nest and start depositing more.  Likewise, we put away a little bit of money in a bank account and call it a nest egg because it is the inducement to increase the balance in our account.  In the middle ages when bartering goods for services, having a hen that laid lots of eggs meant you could exchange those eggs on the market, but you had to build up a reserve to have an advantage.  Saving money is like that today.  To have enough to barter for a ticket to Paris, you’ve got to pile on the eggs.  

If all this talk about eggs is making you hungry, here’s a tip on a way to save when eating out.  Through the magic of Groupon, you can obtain a long john silver coupon from Groupon Coupons and get a great deal on a meal.   You can treat the entire family to a delicious hot dinner meal with their signature fish and chips, and tasty sides and still have change enough to buy a deep-fried Twinkie.  Long John Silver’s been a friendly neighborhood eatery for decades and today you can still count on that great tasting food to satisfy your cravings for crispy fried fish and shrimp, fish tacos or any number of choices on their full menu.  Just remember that when you use a Long John Silver’s coupon from Groupon Coupon think of it as a nest egg and lay the savings away for a rainy day.

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