Stay Flood Aware this Winter

It was described as the worst storm in five years, October’s heavy rain and wind caused major flooding across Southern areas of the UK. Although October’s storm did cause disruption, damage was quite minimal, although the storm did highlight the need for homeowners to ensure that effective flood protection measures are put in place all year round.

submersible_pumpDue to heavy downpours, flooding is most common in the UK throughout the winter months – however it is important that flood protection procedures are put in place all year round.  Make sure you safeguard your home against floods by following these flood protection tips:

1) If you are moving house, it is a good idea to check if any properties that you are interested in are situated on a floodplain. While flooding in some areas can be rare, there are areas on floodplains that have regular flooding – meaning that residents have to pay out frequently for repairs. Before buying a house, remember to take into account whether paying for flood damage remedial work is financially possible.

2) If your property is situated on a floodplain, it is advisable to look into flood damage insurance. The cost of repairing damage after a flood can be costly, and while some insurance companies may not cover all damages caused by floods, insurance can give you extra peace of mind in the event of a flood.

3) Experts advise that prevention is one of the best protective measures against floods. Strengthening vulnerable areas is a good form of flood defence, areas that may be susceptible to flood water include windows and doors – specialist flood guards should be able to strengthen these areas. Homeowners who have a property with a basement may also want to invest in a submersible pump to help reduce the risk of flooding. Basements can be at risk of groundwater flooding, submersible pumps work to pump groundwater once it reaches a certain height – keeping water levels under control.

4) To reduce the risk of flooding to a property further, it is advisable that you alter the layout of your property – this can be through raising electric sockets, fuse sockets and wiring to at least 1.5m above floor level. If you have valuable items, you should place them high on shelving. Many of us also have family keepsakes such as photo albums that money simply can’t replace, make sure you keep these high up and out of risk from flood damage.

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