Tips for an Efficient Garage Renovation

Your home does not end at the garage. The garage is a large space that is an excellent area to customize and beautify in order to add to the appeal and usefulness of the entire home. No longer does the garage have to be a cluttered mess that has no room for a car or any project, it can become a utility for organization and even a selling feature should you want to put your home on the market. There are many attractive cabinet sets and practical storage options available to bring your garage up to the standards needed to use it as a benefit rather than a deterrent. Garage Appeal has examples of all these types of solutions.
The National Home Builders Association has stated that Americans are spending an average of $2.5 Million per year on garage renovations and the number one thing they are doing is reinventing the space as a garage. The Board of Realtors notes this as an advantage because those in the market for extra bedrooms or living space will search for a home built as such; they shy away from converted spaces. Organize with wall units, tool boxes, overhead racks, and flooring so navigation of the area is as easy as getting around in the kitchen and you will add value to your entire home.

Flooring is an upgrade that is beneficial to explore. Garage projects can be messy and involve fluids that are corrosive. Non slip and non-porous floor coverings or work station pads will improve the safety and look of the area along with allowing for easy clean up and the avoidance of a stain on concrete that cannot be removed. Hiding imperfections, tire marks, and general dirt is a great reason to install durable flooring in the garage and it has the added benefit of noise reduction and shock absorbing capabilities.

Function and organization are the key elements meant for a garage. Taking the steps to make the garage space useful and practical is good for many reasons, but the most important is attractiveness to not only you, but guests and potential buyers. A finished garage offers easy inventory of tools and necessities, an entrance where outside elements can be removed from shoes and vehicles without intrusion into the living space, and an area for projects and storage of all shapes and sizes.

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