Top Tips for Unpacking After Moving

Whether they did it with the help of friends or they used Melbourne removalists, anyone who has moved houses will attest to the fact that it’s hard work and takes a large amount of effort. While packing boxes and transporting them can be time-consuming, it’s the unpacking that can really drag on, with many people having boxes sitting around the house for months after their move. To avoid this, it’s essential that a few steps are taken during the initial packing stage. This article will look at what should be done in order to ensure a trouble-free move and also provide some great tips for unpacking after moving.

Before the Move

It’s essential to do two things before you move your belongings: buy sturdy moving boxes that are designed for the task, and decide on what type of labelling system you’re going to use. There are a number of different methods you can use to label boxes, including colour coding and number coding, but the important thing to remember is that whatever system you choose to use, you need to make sure the labelling is accurate. The following is a description of both the colour and number coding systems.

H3: Colour Labelling

The colour labelling method is simple and effective. It involves affixing a certain coloured dot or label to all of your boxes, and assigning a colour to each room of your new house. Melbourne removalists will then be able to pick up all boxes with a certain colour and deposit them in the room that has the same coloured label attached to the door.

H3: Number Labelling

Number coding is effective and provides a little more detail than colour labelling, but it will take a little longer. This method involves making an inventory list that specifies which belongings are packed in certain numbered boxes, with different numbers assigned to certain rooms. This particular system is recommended if you want your unpacking at the other end to be as quick and easy as possible, as you’ll know exactly what’s inside each box rather than just knowing that the box contains items that belong in a certain room.

Unpacking Tips

Unpacking doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With a little planning, it can be done with minimal fuss. Once you’ve labelled your boxes and had Melbourne removalists deliver them to your new address, there are a few tips that you can follow that will make unpacking a lot easier. One good idea is to not overdo it and try to unpack everything at once. Instead, you should assign yourself the task of unpacking one room at a time. By tackling one room at a time, the job won’t seem as overwhelming and will be much more manageable. Another good idea is to have a box of essentials ready to unpack first. This box can contain things like a kettle and teabags so you can have a drink during breaks, and a stereo so you can unpack while listening to your favourite music.

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